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Z is a design studio which is based on innovation-driven purpose with design thinking mindset. We specialize in using humanistic perspective to dig into the depth of design for meaningful conception. Z design studio is funded by several college alumni from University of the arts London and based in London and Shanghai.

Starting from global consciousness and putting down roots on the local culture and perception, combining cutting-edge technologies to create the customized design and proactive thinking. We are committed to deliver a unique approach for spreading brand value of our clients and innovative digital experience for your brand and product or service.

DESIGN with you


for YOU.


Experience Design, User Interface Design, Web Design,
Mobile Application, Branding, Service Design,
Interactive Installation, Motion Design, Animation, Filming,
Video Production, Digital Innovation, Tech R&D,
VR R&D Future Vision, Concept Development, Art Direction,
Prototype via Design & Code.

award - winning

design studio

our multidisciplinary team is led by our creative director who is part of the AWWWards Jury and encourages every team member to discover, define and create innovative ways to help brands connect with people.


The digital innovation experience of us is over more than 10 years. Our digital interaction projects won some significant recognitions of interaction design industry, such as CssDesignAwards, awwwards, FWA, etc. In 2016,Our projects were shown at the Ars Electronic Festival ,Linz. We brought some Discussions and reflections with topics of surveillance,feminism,virtual reality, etc.

Last year, A short documentary we filmed and produced called “Fushions” won The Cultural Short award at Hollywood international independent documentary film festival. In addition,this film also was shortlisted the Best Short Documentary at the Los Angeles international film festival, and Special Mention at asian south east short film festival.

A GLOBL perspective

with a china's local



Five talented partners are both graduated from University of the Arts London. We worked on different core specialization areas, such as interaction design, service design, film and television, but hold a mutual perception which is human nature is core on design and innovation.

Making impact and creating meaningful design is the goal of our studio. We are keenly aware that design stem from the understanding of human needs and applying multi-dimensional perspective on exploring the depth of design by using mindsets of visualization, storytelling and humanization.

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